The topic of "groupism" (the notion that the group is particularly important in Japan) is related to several posts that have been made recently. 最近のいくつかの投稿の共通テーマは「集団主義」だと思います。Today, I'd like to spend some time on this topic. 今日はこのテーマに少し時間をかけたいと思います。

Indigo wrote about the concept of "Kuuki ga yomenai." あいちゃんは「空気を読む」ことについて書いてくれました。I have an activity planned around this expression. この表現関連の授業でやるactivityを考えています。

Here are some questions that we might talk about in small groups or as a class. 次のディスカッション用の質問を考えました。

1. Did you participate in an extracurricular activity (club, sport, music, etc.) in junior high or high school? 高校、あるいは中学校で部活をしていましたか?

If so ...

2. How much time did you spend on it? (When did it start and end? How many days a week?)

3. Was it lead mostly by adults or by students? How big was the leadership role of students?

4. Did you participate in volunteer activies to help others?

5. Generally speaking, were you concerned about what other people thought about you?

6. Based on your discussion of the above questions, do you feel that there is a difference regarding the importance of the group between your society and those of the other members of your group? 以上の質問に対する答えや意見交換を踏まえて、自分の文化(日本)と他のグループメンバー(留学生)との間に、グルーブの重要性をめぐる違いがあると思いますか?

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