Map of Trip Plans

I suspect that I may make additions and corrections to this Google Map in the next few weeks but, in the meantime, I hope you find it to be useful.

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Trip Plans (revised)


I've found a youth hostel we can all stay at. It costs a little more that 2,000 yen per night but I've decided to cover the difference and ask you all to pay an even 2,000 yen. We will buy our own food and drinks for that evening and have a party together in a large room in the hostel. Those who decide not to drink alcohol should be able to get by with a total of about 1,000 yen for Saturday evening food and drinks and a light breakfast on Sunday morning (coffee and tea are free at the hostel). Of course, if you want to buy alcoholic drinks and more expensive things to eat you will need to pay more. We will have two rooms at the hostel, each with eight bunk beds so all of the women will be in one room and all of the men will be in another. If some of you want to go directly to Nagasaki by bus (that is, not take the ferry and see Shimabara and Unzen), you will save a little bit on transportation to Nagasaki, though you may wind up spending more durning you extra time in Nagasaki, depending on what you decide to do. It is not necessary that everyone travel to Nagasaki together, as long as we can all get together at the hostel that evening. I recommended that we see that Atom Bomb Musuem and Peace Park together on Sunday morning before we break down into smaller groups so that you can do different things you are interested in. Based on my current plans here is my estimate of the expenses, not including what you may decide to do on your own.

I've appended an explanation in Japanese that is based on an e-mail that I sent to the Japanese students. The basic information is the same but it contains some details that I have omitted from my English explanation (the name and address of the hostel, information about its location, etc.). If you are able to read the Japanese, it should give you and even clear idea about out plans.

「長崎カトリックセンターユースホステル」(長崎県長崎市上野町10-34, 電話 095-846-4246)に泊まることになりました。立地条件はすばらしく、大浦天主堂や長崎原爆資料館、平和公園などのすぐ近くです。気になる料金ですが、2,000円をちょっと超えるのですが、私が差額を負担して、皆さんは2,000円でいいです。8台の二段ベッドが入っている部屋を2つ予約しました。女性は片方に泊まり、男性はもう片方に泊まることになります。朝食付きではありませんが、パンなどを近くで買って、サービスで用意してあるお茶やコーヒーを呑めば、数百円で朝ご飯を皆で済みませることができます。晩御飯については自炊はできませんが、よそで食べ物を買って、ビールなどを呑みながら、一緒に話をしたり遊んだりできるような部屋があります。従って「コンパ」と言っても、食べ物とジュースやお茶だけの人は1,000円も必要ないでしょう。ビールなどをたくさん呑みたい人は各自で用意する、ということにしましょう。「節約型」の参加者はお酒を呑まずに、晩ご飯や朝ご飯には贅沢をしないというのであれば、晩ご飯、宿泊、朝ご飯が合計3,000円程度になります。それに、ゼミ旅行なので、少人数のグループに分かれる前に、近くの平和公園と原爆資料館を一緒に見るといいでしょう。長崎原爆資料館の団体の入場料は団体160円で、公園はもちろん無料です。雲仙では一番安い温泉(100円)に入ることを前提に考えるなら、日曜日のその他の遊びや食事を除いて、なんと、11,180円という計算になります。




Trip Plans

I haven't been able to work out all of the details yet but here are my plans for our trip.


Today's Topics

Last week, we decided to discuss the following two topics: Homosexuality in Japan and sempai / kohai relationships. Here are some questions we may want to discuss in relation to each topic:
  • Homosexuality in Japan
    • Do you have an acquaintance who you know is gay?
    • Is it risky for homosexuals in Japan to be open about their sexuality?
    • Is homophobia stronger in Japan or in other countries? (We would need concrete examples in order to try to compare the extent of homophobia.)
    • Should gay couples be able to marry?
  • Sempai / kohai
    • Are there sempai / kohai relationships in this class?
    • Does either the sempai or the kohai benefit more than the other?
    • Does sempai / kohai depend on age or length of time in a group?
    • What types of groups have stronger sempai / kohai relationships?
    • Are sempai / kohai relationships as strong now as they used to be?
    • Are sempai / kohai in Japan similar to or different from relationships in other countries?

Trip to Nagasaki

It has taken a long time, but I finally know my schedule. I will not be able to lead a trip until the weekend of November 21 and 22. Fortunately, most of you said you would be available on this weekend.

Nagasaki seems particularly relevant now that Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize and that there is talk of holding the Olympics there in 2020.


The Gym

Thanks to all of you who came to the gym on the 11th!

Some of you played badminton:

Some of you played basketball:

A few even played cards:

But I think just about everyone played volleyball:

I'm a little sore today. I hope everyone else is OK. See you Friday in class!


Volleyball, badminton, basketball, etc.

I've reserved the gymnasium for 1:00 on Sunday this 11th. 10月11日(日)の 午後1:00から体育館で遊べるように予約をしました。友達を誘ってね。

By way, in class the other day, I gave some examples of weird mistakes we foreigners have made in Japanese. I just tried to type "tomodachi o sasotte" (please invite your friends) and it came out "tomodachi o sasatte", which is not exactly grammatical but sounds like I'm trying to say "stab your friends" or something. (Correct Japanese for "stab you friends" is "tomodachi o sashite" 「友達を刺して」-- just in case you feel you might need this useful phrase.)

Party must be rescheduled

Due to conflicts that have come up, we will not be able to have the party as planned. 他の行事と重なるため、予定通りにゼミコンができなくなりました。I think will will probably hold the party in November. 11月になるのではないかと思います。We are still looking for a good place. どこでするかについても検討中。提案があれば教えてください。



We decided on the weekend of November 7th for our trip. Today we need to talk about where to go. Last week I mentioned Yamaga and Arao (home of sword smith). One suggestion I would like to add is Nagasaki. Obama has been invited. Perhaps we should go.


The date we chose for the party last week is October 17. We need to choose a place soon. Perhaps a few students can volunteer to organize it. ゼミコンの幹事になってくれる人がいれば大変助かります。とにかく10月17日を空けておいてくださしい。

Blog addresses

I don't know the blog addresses of most of the new members of the class. If you have a blog and have posted, and if I have your address, you should be able to find a link to your post on the right side of this page. If it's not there please contact me.