Volleyball, badminton, basketball, etc.

I've reserved the gymnasium for 1:00 on Sunday this 11th. 10月11日(日)の 午後1:00から体育館で遊べるように予約をしました。友達を誘ってね。

By way, in class the other day, I gave some examples of weird mistakes we foreigners have made in Japanese. I just tried to type "tomodachi o sasotte" (please invite your friends) and it came out "tomodachi o sasatte", which is not exactly grammatical but sounds like I'm trying to say "stab your friends" or something. (Correct Japanese for "stab you friends" is "tomodachi o sashite" 「友達を刺して」-- just in case you feel you might need this useful phrase.)


Ash said...

I made a rather wonderful mistake in a drug store in Japan a few years ago... I went in wanting some acne cream, instead I ended up asking for nipple cream. Before I use either word (fortunately it's not often I have to use "acne" or "nipple" in Japanese) I still have to stop and think about it.

Kirk Masden said...

Thanks Ash! I'll be curious to hear exactly what you said when I see you next.