Topics and assignment

Here are some questions related to our trip to Nagasaki:
  • Can nuclear weapons be completely eliminated?
  • How can the threat of nuclear disaster be reduced?
  • Have nuclear weapons made the world safer by functioning as a deterrent?
  • Was Barack Obama at good choice for the Nobel Peace Prize?
  • At the time, was the decision to drop nuclear weapons on Japan the right one?
  • Should the 2020 Olympics be held in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  • Does Japan have a special role to play in the world as the only country to have suffered a nuclear attack?
  • Does Japan tend to focus too much on its victimization in World War II?
  • Should nuclear power be an important part of our strategy to reduce global warming?
Assignment for 11/20: Do some research on one of these questions (or some other question related to nuclear arms, Nagasaki, or World War II) and write about what you learned on your blog. Be sure to include links to the web pages you referred to and or citations for any books or articles.

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