We have talk about the university's decision regarding influenza.  新型インフルをめぐる大学の判断について話しました。One point I am interested in is the extent of the university's authority. 私の大学の権限の範囲に興味があります。For example, does the university have the authority to "order" students who are taking a year off to go abroad to return to Japan -- even when the students have arranged their studies entirely on their own?  例えば、「私費留学」をしている人たちに対して、はたして「帰国命令」を出す権限があるのだろうかと思います。

I am reminded of a rule at the junior high school near my house.  この関連で、家の近くの中学校の校則を思い出しているところです。Even with parental consent, "sleepovers" are prohibited.   親の同意があっても、友達の家に泊まることができません。


Ash said...

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a local student last week. We were discussing movies, and the Japanese action/horror film Battle Royale was mentioned. Due to the depictions of ultra-violence amongst schoolkids, the students at her high school were apparently banned from viewing this movie. Not quite sure how it was enforced, though...!

KMCheese said...

Thanks. It's one thing for the school not to show a film in a class because it is deemed inappropriate. It is yet another to prohibit students from viewing something in their free time that they are old enough to view legally. A nursery school my son attended "prohibited" kids attending the school from watching a particular animated children's show (which had a tendency to be quite irreverent). Parents were not consulted about this. There are many other similar examples.