Here's another recent news article.  最近見つけた新聞記事をもう一つ紹介しましょう。
Tokyo workers sleep less than New York, Europe peers
Tokyo office workers sleep at least 30 minutes less than their New York, Paris, Shanghai and Stockholm Peers each night, averaging six hours, or 14 percent less than the recommended minimum, a study said.
It says that the average number of hours of sleep among Tokyo workers is just six hours.  東京の労働者(会社員など)の平均睡眠時間は6時間だそうです。

In small groups, it might be interesting to talk about how much you sleep now, how much you slept when you were younger, how much you would like to sleep, and how much sleep you think is ideal.  少人数のグループで今とのぐらい寝ることができているか、高校時代やその前にどのぐらい寝ていたか、できればどのぐらい寝たいか、また、どのぐらいの睡眠が理想だと思うかについて話し合うといいかもしれません。

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