Last week in our Friday class we talked about the treatment of horses in Kumamoto's Fujisakigu festival. 先週の金曜日の授業では、藤崎宮例大祭における馬の扱い方について話し合いました。The mixture of opinions was interesting to me because we did not divide into "Japanese" vs. "foreign" opinions.  私が興味を持って点の一つは「日本人」vs. 「留学生」という形で意見が分かれなかったこと。

Today it might be interesting to talk about whaling.  今日は捕鯨について少し話すといいかも知れません。Here's a recent news article.  まず、最近の英語の記事を紹介しましょう。
New Zealand attacks Japan's decision to resume whaling 
The group, Sea Shepherd, has pledged to follow the fleet again this year and obstruct its hunt.
In the past there have been collisions between its vessels and the whaling fleet, and its activists have also boarded Japanese vessels. 

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