Public affection

In class, we decided to have one our debates about whether or not foreigners (perhaps from English speaking countries) should express affection toward a boyfriend or girlfriend in Japan in front of others, as they might at home (assuming, that is, that affection would be shown more freely in their home country than it would in Japan). 授業で、ディベートのテーマの1つを「人前での男女の愛情表現」にすることにしました。人前で愛情表現(例えばキスなど)をすることが多い国から来ている外国人が、日本でも同じように振る舞っていいか、ということで議論することになりました。

Here are some web sites that may be helpful in preparing for this debated. 準備するに当たって次のサイトが役に立つのではないかと思います。
  • http://l25.jp/index.php/m/WB/a/WB000610/tpl/laboratory01_11/bkn/20070927/id/200709270501/ccd/052/rfg/1

    日本語サイト。英語で簡単に要約します。This site provides the results of a survey about our topic (恋人と人前でいちゃつく; being physically affectionate with your lover in front of others). A majority say they can "forgive" such behavior but many say they cannot tolerate it. Other survey results are also included.

  • http://www.lovecosmetic.jp/vote/082.html

    日本語サイト。英語で簡単に要約します。Simple survey about whether or not (or underwhat circumstances) people feel that they personally can kiss in front of others.

  • http://www.koibita.com/ank/report/backnum/081023.html

    日本語サイト。英語で簡単に要約します。Another simple survey (but this one has more information, with pie charts) about how people feel about kissing (as a participant, not observer) in front of others.

  • http://item.rakuten.co.jp/book/3682814/

    日本語で書かれた本。英語で簡単に要約します。The title and theme of the book advertised here is "Where has shame gone?" The author points out that Ruth Benedict identified Japan as a shame culture. Yet, young Japanese people seem to be loosing their inhibitions about kissing in front of others.

  • http://amano.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2005-12-08

    日本語サイト。英語で簡単に要約します。This is written by AMANO Yukichi, a well-known author and commentator in Japan. He is complaining about the sight of young people embracing and kissing in front of others in Shibuya.

  • http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/1700310/

    日本語サイト。英語で簡単に要約します。The author says there is a place in Korea where young couples are "allowed" to kiss in front of others. By the way, the author mentions that couples who engage in such behavior are (or have been) referred to as "bakappuru" ("baka" + "couple").

  • http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%90%E3%82%AB%E3%83%83%E3%83%97%E3%83%AB

    日本語サイト。英語で簡単に要約します。This is the Japanese Wikipedia entry for "bakappuru."
Before we debate, we will need to clarify our proposition. ディベートをする前に、命題をより明確にする必要があるでしょう。"Affection" is a little vague. 「愛情表現」は少し曖昧。Is kissing in front of others better? 「人前キス」の方がいいか?Should we choose a specific situation or place? 具体的な場所や状況を指定した方がいいか?

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