Kumamoto Dams

We have been talking about the Kawabegawa in class. 授業で、川辺川について話しています。We are considering visiting the area for our trip on July 3rd and 4th. 川辺川が7月3日と4日の旅行の行き先候補の1つです。

Here's a good article on the issue of dam construction in Japan that was published in TIME Magazine. 下記の記事(英文)は日本のダム問題についてTIME Magazineに載ったものです。

Dam Nation (TIME Magazine article)

The TIME article begins with the removal of the Arase Dam in Kumamoto. I will summarize some of the main points in Japanese for those who my find the English in this article rather difficult. I expect the English speakers in the class to read it for themselves.

  • Kawabegawa Dam (Hitoyoshi)

    Wikipedia article

    Here's a quote from the article (記事からの引用です):


    The quote section says that the manifesto of Japan's Democratic Party that was written for the recent elections included calls to stop the Yamba and Kawabegawa dam projects. After the Democratic Party won the election the party has followed through on those promises and it is now clear that the Kawabegawa dam will not be built.

    Here's a New York Times article the mentions the Kawabegawa dam project:

    New York Times Article

    川辺川ダムの問題がNew York Timesで取り上げられています。
  • Arase Dam (Yatsushiro)

    Wikipedia article

    「2010年2月3日、ダムを撤去する方針を再度表明し、2012年度から撤去を始めることが決まった。」In February of this year, the governor reversed his position and decided to remove the dam.
  • Oaso Dam (Aso)

    Wikipedia article

    「2005年3月に堤体が完成して試験湛水を行なったところ貯水池の土壌に当初の予測をはるかに上回る浸水が確認されて計画は延期された。」Work on the dam was begun in 2005 but it was soon discovered to be leaking. In short, the project "doesn't hold water." Work on it has been postponed.

  • Rogi Dam (Amakusa)

    Opposition web site

    県知事は賛成のようですが、強い反対運動があります。The governor seems to be in favor of this one but there is a strong opposition movement.

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