Discussion questions for today

  1.  Do you consider yourself to be an adult or a child? 自分自身は今「おとな」ですか、それとも「こども」ですか?
  2. Do many women in your country want to get married in June (to be a June bride)? あなたの国では、女性は「ジューンブライド」になるために、6月に結婚したいと思うことは多いですか?
  3. Are there other factors that affect the date or timing or a wedding?  結婚式の時期や日にちを左右するような事柄は他にありますか?
  4. Generally speaking, do you think that 我慢 (gaman, silently enduring pain or difficulties) is a virtue?  「我慢」は美徳だと思いますか?If so, what would be an example of a situation in which one should gaman in silence.  美徳だとすれば、黙って我慢することが望ましいようなケースは何ですか?
  5. If some bad had happened in your family would you talk about it with your friends or would you gaman? 家族でたいへんなこと、不幸なことが起きたら、友達に打ち明けますか、それとも我慢しますか?
  6. Was bullying a significant problem in your high school (or junior high school, or elementary school)?  あなたの高校(または中学校、小学校)ではいじめは重要な問題でしたか?
  7. Was ignoring people one form of bullying in your high school?  あなたの高校では無視(しかと)は一種のいじめでしたか?

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